December 2nd, 2015
New Bern from our on water classroom

New Bern from our on water classroom

American Sailing Association Instructor Qualification Clinics are being hosted by East Carolina Sailing, New Bern, NC in May 2016.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor or adding certifications Historic New Bern in May is the place and time to do it.

201 (Basic Keelboat) May 13 - 15

203/205 (Basic Coastal Cruising/Coastal Navigation) May 16

204 (Bareboat Charter) May 17

214 (Cruising Catamarans) May 18

BridgePointe Marina, Dock C

BridgePointe Marina, Dock C

Contact me through Facebook, my email:, or call me at 775-750-8714 for more information.

Fall of 2015

October 10th, 2015

We are already into October!  Where does the time go?

Susan and I are comfortably settled into our house, still have a few small things to complete before we head to Mazatlán for the winter.  The storm that flooded the Carolinas last week left the house, yard, and boat without damage.

Harms Way has been out regularly with classes, sunset sails with friends, charters, and I did a long weekend solo sail to Cape Lookout.

I continue to work on her, replacing and repairing items neglected by her prior owner.  I will have her pulled and the bottom done next March when we return from Mazatlan.

Sunset sail with friends

Sunset sail with friends

Cape Lookout light from Harms Way

Cape Lookout light from Harms Way

Harms Way at Matthew's Point Marina

Harms Way at Matthew

Susan is involved in several organizations,  NAACP, Liberal Ladies, and the Craven County Democratic Party.  She has also spent a little time with one of the local theater groups.  I sometimes tag along and I sail.

The cataract in my right eye got so bad I  had surgery on it last Wednesday, I can now read with out glasses again.  My left eye is not so bad but I am having it done next Wednesday for distance.  It will be nice to get it over.

We are having a wonderful retirement.  I have no idea how we found time to work.

Kicking back

Kicking back

Our House and Sailing or Sailing and Our House

August 27th, 2015

It depends on who you talk to.

I cannot believe that it has been so long since my last post.

Susan and I have been busy finishing the house, it is never going to be completely finished.  It was just reroofed and now we are paining the exterior.  Susan has been planting like a mad woman, she is determined that she is going to have a better yard than the one we left in Reno.

I have been teaching for East Carolina Sailing for a year now and what was suppose to be a few classes a summer has turned into two to three days a week.  I’ve mostly been teaching Basic Keelboat with a few Basic Coastal Cruising classes and a couple Bareboat Charter classes.  The Bareboat Charter classes have been on Harms Way so I’ve been able to put my boat to work.

In addition to classes on Harms Way, I have had her out for the Parrothead Race (New Bern to Oriental).  My crew was three first time racers, we came in forth out of five boats, we will do better next time.  Two of my crew bailed in Oriental so there were just two of us on the return to New Bern after the race.  A nice broad reach all the way home.

I recently did a three day charter from Oriental to Ocracoke.  Ran into a little weather crossing Pamlico Sound on Friday and coming out of Ocracoke on Sunday, my 24 horse diesel could only push Harms Way along at just under 2 knots.  The channel is about three miles long and very narrow, I was glad to be out of it and able to set a triple reefed main and reefed headsail.

New Boat!!

May 9th, 2015

One of the main reasons for the move to New Bern, NC was to be closer to water and sailing.  Part of the plan was to purchase a boat that I could easily single hand and at the same time would be comfortable for longer cruises up and down the coast.

The purchase of a 1980 Tartan 33 fulfilled the plan.  Here she is under sail off of New Bern, Susan took this picture from the city docks.

I have renamed her “Harms Way”


January 8th, 2015

Yesterday morning an Olive Ridley Sea Turtle laid 100 eggs on the beach in front of our condo. The local aquarium was contacted so that they could collect the eggs and make sure they had the best chance to hatch. People from the aquarium were already on their way to the beach because a clutch had hatched during the night and they needed to release the hatchlings. It usually takes about 45 days for the eggs to hatch.

Several people got to help dig up the eggs and to release the hatchlings.

I understand that in order for the hatchlings to imprint the location so they can come back to lay their eggs they have to crawl to the water. It will take them five years before they mature and return to lay eggs.

The sex of the turtle is determined by the temperature during incubation. If the incubation temperature is 31 to 32 degrees Celsius the turtles will be female, 28 degrees or less will produce only males, the temperature in between produce a mixed clutch.

What a Year!

January 8th, 2015

Susan and I started the year in Palm Springs, CA. What a great area to visit in the middle of the winter.

We ended 2014 and brought in the new year in Mazatlán. A bit happened in between, you can read prior posts for some of the highlights.

I got back into fishing, these two fish, along with a couple stingrays, a rooster fish, and a number of others, were taken from the beach pictured above.

Since my post in December Susan and I rented a car with some friends and drove to Durango to check it out. We had a great time and returned the following day. We paid four tolls totaling about $50 each way, it looks like there are more toll booths being constructed. The drive took us about three hours. The old highway does not have tolls but the drive is about eight hours.

I hope you had a great 2014 and 2015 is even better!